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FireForce: Specialised Pipe for Fire Systems

FireForce is a specialised steel product proudly offered by Steelforce. Steelforce has manufactured a range of steel piping products specifically for fire protection services. This means that you can be assured that you'll have the correct product in your next application. FireForce is manufactured to strict Australian Standards and each pipe undergoes hydrostatic testing to ensure the highest quality and integrity. FireForce is manufactured to comply with AS 1074 - Steel tubes and tubulars for ordinary service. All sections are C250L0 and are available in light, medium and heavy wall thicknesses. FireForce is galvanized on both sides - inside and outside. They are suitable with top coats and can be powder coated. They are manufactured to firm dimensional tolerances and the standard length is 6.5 meters. To give you even more choice, FireForce is conveniently supplied in either a galvanized or red painted finish - simply select the product that suits your particular requirements.




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