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Benefits of steel in construction

Steel is a metal fast becoming a favourite construction material of residential and commercial builders alike. There are many benefits of steel, which has led to its popularity in the construction industry. Steelforce is a firm believer in steel and is proud to share some of its many benefits. 


Durability is one of steel’s finest features. Steel is considered durable for several reasons. Firstly, it can withstand strong weather conditions such as hurricanes, high winds and even earthquakes. Steel frame housing components have the impressive benefit of fire resistance, able to withstand temperatures of more than 1000°C. This means the structural integrity of steel frame building would remain after a bush fire, this is a convenient and safe feature to have. Steel is more than just fire resistant. It is also understandably resistant to termites, creeping, cracks, splitting and rotting, essentially all the weaknesses of wood. Steel is classified as having long-life durability as it doesn’t age or decay nearly as quick as other construction materials. This means steel lasts longer before refurbishment is required. If building extensions or renovations are made, steel is inherently adaptable and flexible enough to handle it with minimal disruption.  




Architects and builders have discovered that steel ceiling joists are able to span greater distances that regular wooden joists. This opens a lot more opportunities in design. Architects are now creating spaces that weren’t viable before the use of steel products. Steel has an aesthetic to it that architects enjoy exploring. For example, with steel structures, column-free interiors are achievable, which can give a space a wonderful sense of openness.  Stylish shapes can be designed in buildings due to the malleable nature of steel, this gives designers a greater freedom when fashioning their ideas. 








Steel is a very cost-effective material to use in construction. We say cost-effective instead of cheap because to purchase steel as an initial expenditure isn’t ‘cheap’ however the benefits the material possesses along with the long term pay-offs, the price one pays for steel is an effective investment.

Here is a list of some of the reasons that make up steels cost-effectiveness:

  • Reduced risk of fire as steel is fire resistant.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • The quality of steel is predictable and reliable.
  • Digital modelling of steel ensures components are manufactured without fault initially, minimising if not eliminating rework.
  • Steel structured buildings are frequently lighter and have smaller foundations as steel is structurally efficient.
  • Compared to some other building materials such as concrete, establishing a steel structure creates less noise, dust and waste on a worksite. This means less clean-up and fewer noise complaints from those in adjacent areas.

Perhaps the largest contributor to the cost-effective nature of steel when used in construction is the time saved. Steel structures can be built quicker with fewer workers needed onsite this reduces labour costs, equipment hire, street blocking fees, etc. Also, as the building is built faster the revenue lost by not having the business operating is significantly reduced. 







Steel saves trees. We could stop there with that fact, but we really love how environmentally-friendly steel is and has the potential to be. So aside from the obvious, that steel is not wood, nor made from wood, therefore no trees are sacrificed to construct the material. What truly makes steel environmentally friendly is its ability to be recycled. Steel can be continuously recycled and repurposed without compromising its quality. This makes steel compatible with long-term sustainable development, something that is gaining more traction as the world becomes more environmentally aware. Here is a heart-warming statistic for you, in the United Stated steel has a recycling of over 64%! If the USA can achieve that rate, other countries will be close to follow. Using recycled steel has a positive environmental impact as it saves energy and natural resources in production. Using recycled steel as a product makes sense for builders as high lumber costs, with fewer benefits, is a turn-off, not to mention the industry-wide commitment to conserving natural resources (i.e. trees). 

We are proud of steel and its benefits. We are confident when we supply builders with the material that it is of the highest standard and the best material for them to be using. For further information on the benefits of steel or any of our steel products please contact us, we will be more than happy to help. 


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