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Steel pipes are manufactured for many different applications spanning over many industries. Steel pipes have a large range of uses, from transporting water and gas underground, to cars, plumbing and heating systems, refrigeration units, lamp posts and even bicycles. Steel pipes are lightweight yet strong, making them extremely versatile and popular in construction and building industries. Steel pipes are made by starting with raw steel and making it into a more workable form. The steel is then stretched into a seamless tube or by sealing the edges with a weld. The steel pipe is then cut to the required length. Steelforce manufactures steel pipes and tubes in many different shapes and forms, in painted, black or galvanised forms. Our steel mill produces steel pipe from 20nb to 150nb in round, sqaure or rectangular tube. Other steel products include Steel Universal Columns and Steel Structural Angles. Contact Steelforce today for further information and to discuss your requirements.

Steel Pipe & TubeSteelforce Steel Pipe, Steel & Tube

Product Sizing
SHS Painted Squares From 13x13x1.8 PTD to 250x250x9.0 BLK
RHS Painted Rectangles From 50x25x1.6 to 250x150x9.0 BLK
SHS GAL Squares From 20x20x1.6 GAL to 125x125x5.0 GAL
RHS GAL Rectangles From 38.1x25.4x1.6 GAL to 150x100x5.0 GAL
Oval Rail 115x38x2.0 GAL and 115x38x2.0 PTD
Black Pipe Plain End From 8nb MBPE to 150nbHBPE
GAL Pipe Plain End From 15nb MGPE to 150nb HGPE
GAL Pipe Screwed & Socket From 20nb MGSS to 80nb MGSS
ERW GAL Tube 16odx1.2 and 19odx1.2

Steel, Steelforce Steel Pipe & Tube

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