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Our Quality

Quality Supply Chain

You can trust in Steelforce for consistently high-quality steel

All our products are quality accredited to ISO 9001 and compliant with applicable Australian and New Zealand Standards.

We source tubular product from Austube Mills, the largest Australian manufacturer of such product as well as other ISO9001 quality accredited offshore mills.  Hot rolled products are supplied by InfraBuild, the largest Australian manufacturer and supplemented from other ISO9001 quality accredited offshore mills.

A combination of Australian made sourcing and the ability to source products as required from a number of overseas quality assured manufacturers means Steelforce can offer an unparalleled range to the Australian market.

Our product traceability and transparency through the supply chain provides confidence to the market that the material supplied meets the design, quality and sustainability specifications of the project.

Steel Quality certification logos for ISO and ACRS

Supplier Mill Accreditation and Certification

Steel supplied by Steelforce is tested to ensure compliance with the relevant Australian Standards.

Manufacturing Standards