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Steelforce supplies hot rolled, cold rolled, galvabond, and zincanneal sheet products for a variety of uses. Steelforce sheet product is manufactured to the relevant Australian Standards.

Uses for Sheet Steel

Regardless of your work or home life, if you live in a city you are likely benefiting from the uses of sheet steel.

When any metal is formed into very thin pieces these pieces are referred to as sheets. There are a number of metals that undergo this process including aluminium, brass, copper and notably steel. Sheet steel has a number of applications and is primarily used in the building and manufacturing industries.

Sheet steel is made from a relatively simple process. The steel is initially melted down into a container, or crucible. It is then poured into a rectangular mould. As it begins to cool, the metal is taken from the mould as a large block of metal. This metal is then cleaned with chemicals before being run through a giant press to create the desired thickness.


One of the most common uses of sheet steel is for roofing. Using sheet steel for roofing on both residential and commercial properties can be very advantageous. Firstly, it is affordable and is 100% recyclable. Furthermore, it is durable in cold weather. However, there are some drawbacks as unless it is stainless steel it may require maintenance to prevent rusting as a result of corrosion.

Conductor Pipes and Gutters

If you have gutters at home, there is a high chance they are made from sheet steel. Many gutters are made from steel because of its’ beneficial properties. Steel has been used effective to make gutters for many years as it is resistant to corrosion.

Air Conditioners

Another use for sheet steel is in the production of Air Conditioners. Within the Air Conditioning unit, steel is used to create the self-contained refrigeration system. Again this is due to its strength and durability.

Medical Field

Sheet steel is incredibly easy to clean. As such it is also easy to keep sanitary which is of high importance in the medical field. It is often used to make tables and storage units in hospitals and other medical sites.


Sheet steel is used for everything from tubings to street signs, airplane wings and even automotive bodies.

Ultimately, sheet steel has a variety for both the building and manufacturing industries. As a cheap, easy to produce and durable material, it will likely continue to play a large part in our lives.