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Steelforce are Australian distributors, manufacturers and traders of steel, steel pipes, steel tubes, steel plates, steel structural angles, cattle panels, steel universal beams, steel universal columns and steel merchant bar. We have distribuation centres all over Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Steelforce also sources steel pipe and tube from their own mill in China. The mill has a capacity of producing 120,000 tonnes of steel per annum. Steelforce can cut steel beams to your required length and we can supply steel for use in bridges, vehicles, buildings, machine fabrication and much more.

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We are distributors, manufacturers, and traders of structural steel, merchant bar, steel pipes and tubes as well as a whole range of flat products and angles. Such products are sold direct to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), resellers, fabricators, the construction industry (residential and non residential) and rural industries with no particular dependency on one industry segment.

Steelforce Distribution of Steel Pipes, Steel Plates and Cattle Panels,Steel  Steelforce Australia are traders of Steel Structural Angles and Steel Tubes, Steel  Steelforce are manufacturers of Steel Merchant Bars and Steel Plates, Steel

Steel Structural Angles, Steel Universal Beams and Steel Universal Columns

Steel Pipes and Steel Tubes

Distribution. Steelforce has outlets across Australia providing a range of steel products to the public . We can even cut your steel beams to length. We can supply steel plates, steel pipes and tubes, steel universal beams and columns for use in buildings, bridges, vehicles, machine fabrication and much more.

Trading. Steelforce Trading can source steel pipes and steel tubes in a variety of shapes and sizes, product types and material types. We source our steel products mainly from our own mill plus a variety of steel mills in South East Asia. We can deliver large volume orders at competitive prices.

Manufacturing. Steelforce operate a Cold rolling steel mill in China with a capacity of 120,000 tonnes of steel per annum. All products are manufactured to Australian Standards and Steelforce is Quality Accredited under I.S.O. 9001.




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