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Steel Plates

Steel plates are exactly what the name suggests: a plate of steel. It's interesting to know how steel plates are constructed and what applications they are used for. Steelforce manufactures, trades and distributes tonnes of steel plates every year. Steel plates are manufactured in different sizes and widths depending on the customers requirements. Steelforce have steel plates in sizes 8mm 3000 x 1200 to 25mm 3000 x 1200 and our floor plates range from 2.1mm 1800 x 1200 to 6mm 6000mm x 1200.

Steel is a very hardwearing and strong material, yet it can be light and easily adapted to what it eventually needs to be used for. Common uses for steel plates include construction and structural applications such as marine and offshore equipment, pressure vessels and military equipment. Steel plates can also be found in many other construction projects such as buildings, bridges, and vehicles.

Since 2005, Steelforce has been manufacturing steel from our own cold rolling steel mill in China. The mill has a capacity of 120,000 tonnes of steel per annum. All our steel products are manufactured to Australian Standards so you can be assured of the highest quality steel products.


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