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Steel Plates

Steel plates have a wide range of uses and purposes. Because steel is such a robust and strong material, it is manufactured for major engineering, structural and construction projects in  marine and military applications. A steel plate is a broad term for a piece of steel in the form of a plate. However, other materials such as concrete or other metals can be added to make the steel plates stronger, lighter or more corrosion resistant. Different thicknesses of steel plates are required for different purposes, for example in military uses the steel needs to be quite thick to provide protection against ammunition and a pressure vessel needs the plates to be very thin. Steel plates are commonly used in the marine industry for building ships and barges, also in oil rigs and other offshore equipment.

At Steelforce, we manufacture our steel from a cold rolling steel mill in China and have done since 2005. The steel mill has a capacity to produce 120.000 tonnes of steel annually. Our steel plates come in 8mm 3000 x 1200 up to 25mm 3000 x 1200. We also produce steel floor plates and hot rolled sheets in various sizes. Whatever size of steel plates you require, contact Steelforce to place your order.

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Product Sizing
Plates From 8mm 3000x1200 to 25mm 3000x1200
Floor Plates From 2.1mm 1800x1200 to 6mm 6000x1200
Hot Rolled Sheets From 1.6mm 24x1200 to 6mm 6000x1200
Cattle Panels  




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Steel Plates, Steel Pipes, Steel

GalForce Gates

Shut the gate… the hard work is already done! GalForce® Gates by Steelforce are readily available in a configuration that will suit your needs. The galvanized gate range is fabricated from steel pipe that is compliant to Australian Standards. Steelforce understands that a quality gate is essential in your application. This is why we pay particular attention to the bend and weld quality in your new gate. If it’s a light weight gate you require look no further than the Mesh Gate or N Stay Mesh Gate range. Alternatively for a more heavy duty application it has to be the GalForce® 5 Bar Gate.

GalForce Panels

It’s simple…just Lock & Load with GalForce® Panels. Light weight and easy to assemble GalForce® Panels are the best way to handle your yard requirements. With trouble-free installation you can rest assured that Galforce® Panels are suitable for any number of applications. Made by an Australian owned company these panels are proudly supplied using high quality products that comply with strict Australian Standards. As the name suggests our GalForce Panels are fabricated from pre-galvanized steel sections giving you more protection in the field. To ensure you take home a quality product ask for GalForce® Panels by name. Back page copy You can be guaranteed that GalForce® Panels are only fabricated from prime quality steel – never downgrade material.


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