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Steel Pipes and Steel Tubes

Steelforce is an Australian steel manufacturing, trading and distribution company, with offices based across the country. With a cold rolling steel mill in China with a capacity of 120,000 tonnes of steel per annum, Steelforce is at the forefront of steel production and distribution in Australia. All our steel products are manufactured according to Australian Standards.

Our steel pipes and tubes are manufactured for many different uses and are made in different forms. We manufacture square, rectangle, oval rail, plain and screwed and socket.  The pipes and tubes are available in painted, plain or galvanized. Steel pipes and tubes are made by stretching the steel out into a seamless tube or sealing the edges together with a weld. Because steel pipes are very strong, they are often used underground for transporting water and gas throughout cities.

The applications for steel pipes and steel tubes are numerous and varied. Steel pipes are extremely versatile and are commonly used for transporting liquids like water, oil and gas. Agricultural, construction and chemical industries are examples of industries that use steel pipes and steel tubes for different purposes. Plumbing, automobile, refrigeration and heating units commonly use steel pipes and tubes in their manufacturing.

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