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Steel and how it is made into Steel Universal Beams, Steel Pipes and Steel Merchant Bar

Steelforce is a leading Australian Steel Manufacturing and Distribution company, operating a cold rolling steel mill in China capable of producing 120,000 tonnes of steel per annum. Steelforce manufactures steel univeral beams, steel pipes and steel merchant bar for trading and distribution both here in Australia and overseas.

Steel is an extremely versatile material with a vast range of uses over many industries and infrastructure. Steel is very strong yet lightweight, these capabilities make steel a very popular choice for building pipes, tubing, buildings, structures and being made into many different shapes and forms for various applications.

Steel Universal Beams

A Steel Universal Beam is a broad-flanged rolled steel joist that can be used for a bending load or axial load. It is made by rolling steel into various standard lengths and designs depending on what the beam will be used for.

Steel Pipes

Steel pipes are made by streching steel out into a seamless hollow tube and they are the most common product produced by steel manufactures. Their uses are mainly found in areas of transporting water and gas.

Steel Merchant Bar

Steel Merchant Bar are common sizes of steel bars that also have many different uses. They include structural angles, flats, rounds and squares. Steelforce manufactures Steel Merchant Bar in the required shape and form, including hot dipped flats and angles.

Structural Steel Products

Universal beams & columns


Product Sizing
Structural Equal Angles Grade From 125x125x8 to 200x200x13
Structural Unequal Angles Grade From 150x90x8 to 150x100x10
Taper Flange Beams Grade From 100x45 TF to 125x65 TF
Channels Grade From 50x25 to 380x100
Universal Beams Grade From 150UB 14.0 to 310C 137

Structural Products, Steel, Steel Structural Angles, Steel Universal Beams

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