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Manufacturing Standards

Steel tube manufacturing process

Pipe & Tube Tolerances

All our products are quality accredited to ISO 9001 and compliant with applicable Australian and New Zealand Standards. Read more about our commitment to steel manufacturing standards here.

Hollow Sections – Standard Grades include: C250, C250L0, C350 * C350L0.

Pipe & Tube Tolerance Chart_Diagram 1

Pipe and Tube Tolerances


  • Where the diameter to thickness exceeds 100, the tolerance on out-of-roundness becomes the subject of agreement between the manufacturer and purchaser.
  • The tolerance on concexity and concavity is independent of the tolerance on external dimensions.
  • The straighness tolerance applies to straightness in any one plane.
  • In lieu of any other requirement, the specified mass is considered to be the nominal mass.
Pipe & Tube Tolerance Chart_Diagram 2