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Steel Merchant Bar

The definition of merchant bar is different steel shapes such as squares, flats, rounds and angles that can be converted to different products. The uses of steel merchant bar are therefore wide and varied, and are used in all types of construction, marine, automotive and military situations. Steel that is to be formed into merchant bar is rolled through a specilaised steel rolling mill, in SteelForce's case we have a cold rolling steel mill located in China, which rolls the steel at room temperature and the metal is below its recrystallisation temperature. This increases the metal's strength through strain hardening by up to 20 percent.

Steel Merchant Bar comes in different shapes as previously mentioned and each shape is used for different applications.

Squares: Uses for squares are found in balustrades, windows and security doors

Angles:  Found in power poles, bed frames and box trailers

Rounds: Steel rounds are used for axles and tent pegs

Flats: Used for connector plates and steel balustrades

Steel merchant bar is a very versatile way of producing steel products in different shapes for different applications. It's strength and durability are reasons why it is so commonly used in the construction and engineering fields.

Steel Merchant Bar

Steelforce can provide you with a range of Merchant Bar as follows:


Product Sizing
Flat Bar From 10x3 to 100x25
Flats Grade 300 From 110x6 to 400x25
Equal Angles Grade 300 From 20x20x3 to 100x100x12
Unequal Angles Grade 300 From 65x50x5 to 125x75x10
Rounds Grade 250 From 6mm to 39mm
Squares Grade 250 From 10x10 to 32x32
Squares Grade 1045 From 40x40 to 50x50
Deformed Bar Grade 400Y From 10mm to 20mm
Hot Dipped Gal Flats From 25x3 to 100x10
Hot Dipped Gal Angles From 25x25x3 to 50x50x3
Hot Dipped Gal Rounds From 10mm to 16mm
GalForce Flats From 50x4 to 100x6
GalForce Angles From 30x30x2.5 to 75x75x6.0

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We have a further range of steel products available.




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